Episode Two – Chris Nicoll (Preview)

April 26, 2020

The Radio Imaging 101 Podcast has been on a break for a few months due to other commitments, but we’re back and we’ve so many amazing interviews recorded and ready to go up.

We have caught up with some of the biggest names in the Audio Branding and Imaging World to get their take on working from home. Over then next few episodes, we will feature people who have been working from home for years and people who have literally moved studios into their living rooms! We will have episodes every few days to help with the new adjustments in our audio lives.

This week, we have Chris Nicoll, who has worked with some of the coolest audio brands including: Capital, Capital TV, IMGR, Wisebuddah and his very own WizzFX!

I had a really good chat with Chris about how he manages working from home and the benefits that it can bring. This is a very off-the-cuff and honest interview about everything from plugins to mental health and well-being.

If you are not following WizzFX and Chris Nicoll, you are certianly missing out – he shares some amazing screen grabs, recordings and quick tips quite regularly.

Chris’ Socials

A quick video from Chris below on his recent work with Kiss in London. Awesome work!

wizzFX · KISS Fest

Hear the full episode, this coming Monday!

If you want to get involved – send us a voice note or voice track and we will feature you on the upcoming episodes.

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